Grix Previews Saints Clash

Grix Previews Saints Clash

Simon Grix has previewed Friday’s clash against the Saints as he prepares to take charge of the Black & Whites for the first time as interim head coach.

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Simon Grix has previewed Friday’s clash against the Saints as he prepares to take charge of the Black & Whites for the first time as interim head coach.

The Black & Whites travel to the Totally Wicked Stadium aiming to end their string of poor performances in recent weeks.

Reflecting on the last week, Grix said: “One man loses his job in these scenarios, but we’re all part of it, so we’re all feeling a little bit guilty about it. We can’t look back for too long, though, we’ve got to get on with things. 

“I think there are a lot of factors in play here as to why we find ourselves in the position we’re in and there’s a long way to go to get this club back to where we would like it to be. 

“There are hard yards to go through, and we’re in them at the moment. Collectively, it’s not been good enough. The factors involved in that are perhaps for another time, but the obvious ones are injuries, bans, and the availability of players. 

“Basically, everything that could have gone wrong, has gone wrong for us. We are where we are, and we need to look forward. If we spend too much time looking back, we’ll never get anywhere.”

Assessing the task ahead as the club’s interim head coach, he added: “It’s a big one, at the moment. We know who’s not available, but again we’re going with what we’ve got. Some young blokes are going to get another opportunity again this week and in the end, they will be better for it. 

“There are kids in there who are chomping at the bit to play. They’re a bit green, but they want to be here, and some of these young kids are part of our future so I’m more than happy to work with those blokes and see if we can bring them along and bring them along fast.

He added: “We are where we are and no one else is going to get us out of this, that has been the chat between us, we just need to come together and work hard for each other. It’s those talentless effort areas, they’re really important for us at the minute, to show not only for each other but our fan base who have been good and who keep turning up through those losses, that we care about what we’re doing. 

“If we keep working hard and learn fast, then we give ourselves a chance to be on the end of results whether positive or negative, where we can rock our heads up and know we’re going somewhere.”

Assessing the Saints, he continued: “They’re a great team. They’re littered with great players across the board. But I also feel like we’re in a position where we haven’t got a great deal to lose at the minute, we’re as low as we’ve been, but if we can get our effort areas to the right spots, then we can leave the field proud of what we’ve given, irrespective of the result. 

“Saints play at a high standard every week. Their result at the weekend would have stung a little bit, losing to a local roval in a big game, but they play at a good level every week. They’ve built that and earned that over time, so we’ll expect the best of what Saints can give us. 

“We’ll try to play in a way that we’ve practised, and get those effort areas and the talentless stuff where they need to be. That might give us a chance to be in the fight. 

“We just need to keep turning up, irrespective of what happens, get on with the next job. There’s no point in dwelling on anything. We move on and try and do the next job the best that we can.”

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