MKM Stadium Security

MKM Stadium Security

Please take the time to read the following security information before your visit to the MKM Stadium.

We take the safety and security of all our visitors very seriously. If you are coming to the MKM Stadium, please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to pass through our enhanced security checks. Our stewards and security contractors are there for your safety. Please cooperate fully with all security checks and support these vital members of our team as they carry out important work to keep us all safe and sound.

Searches of visitors may take place at the turnstiles for prohibited items. 2122 Prohibited items Square Click here for a full list of prohibited items

Please arrive at the turnstile as early as possible to avoid the busy period leading up to kick-off. Turnstiles open 60 minutes before kick-off

  1. Event Detection Dogs & Handlers

Event Detection Dogs and Handlers are in operation at events held at the MKM Stadium. These dogs are trained in the detection of pyrotechnics, drugs, explosives, and firearms, amongst many others.

Please do not be alarmed by their presence – their role is providing safety, assurances and security for those attending the stadium to help make your day enjoyable.

The detection dogs are friendly, however we please ask you to not interact with the dog and you allow the dog and handler to conduct their work as quickly as possible. By interacting with the dog you will delay yours and other visitors’ entry into the ground.

You will be refused entry into the ground if you attempt to feed the dogs without the permission from the handler.

These detection dogs will be in operation inside and outside the stadium, before, during and after the event. They will also conduct searches of visitors to the stadium at the turnstile entry points.

Please follow instructions from the handlers and stewards to help make the search process as swift and hassle free as possible.

Should a detection dog indicate suspicion, you will be subject to a further search by stewards and or police officers. You have the right to refuse to be searched, however please be aware as per the terms and conditions of entry into the ground you will be refused entry to the ground. Please also note refusal to be searched by a police officer may result in your arrest.

If at any time you are not happy with the search process please immediately inform the steward and ask to see a supervisor or police officer (if in attendance). However, this will delay your entry into the ground, and depending on the circumstances you maybe refused entry to the ground.

Any visitor who is found to be in possession of prohibited or illegal items will be refused entry into the ground, and depending on the item, it maybe handed over to police officers for further action. Please ensure you do not bring any prohibited or illegal items with you to the stadium.

The SuperStadium Management Company Limited, Hull City, Hull FC and stadium partners want your visit to the stadium to be enjoyable and safe. Your time at the stadium, the security and safety of all is very important to us.

  1. What else do we do to keep you safe?

The answer is lots. There are the security measures you can see and of course the ones you can’t. We monitor the whole site each and every day and our staff are trained to ensure all have a safe, secure and happy time. We work very closely with the police and members of the security services to ensure our security procedures are up to date and following best practice.