2024 Centre of Excellence Roster

2024 Centre of Excellence Roster

Check out the 2024 rosters for our Centre of Excellence sides...

Check out the 2024 playing roster for Hull FC’s Academy, Scholarship and Sports College teams - all part of the club’s ‘Outstanding’ rated Centre of Excellence.

The Centre of Excellence is the overarching pathway for the club’s development programmes, combining top-class coaching and facilities with tailored education and mentorship.

The Category 1 ‘Outstanding’ rated Centre of Excellence consists of all of the club’s youth squads.

Check out all of the youngsters that will represent the club’s Academy, Scholarship and Development throughout 2024.

Hull FC Scholarship Squad

Year 10 – Under 15s

Owen Bartle (West Hull Warriors)

Alex Batty (Skirlaugh Knights)

Cole Bone (Skirlaugh Storm)

Billy Boulter (West Hull Warriors)

Logan Edwards (Beverley Braves)

Lewis Ells-Fontana (West Hull Raiders)

Ryan Hughes (Beverley Braves)

Travis Minns-Strachan (Hull Wyke)

Caleb Paleaaesina (West Hull Raiders)

Harrison Peacock (Skirlaugh Storm)

Kingsley Sharpe (Skirlaugh Storm)

Archie Sugden (Skirlaugh Knights)

James Tann (Cottingham Tigers)

Charlie Topham (Beverley Braves)

Harrison Turner (West Hull Raiders)

Trent Turner (West Hull Raiders)

Ryan Wilkinson (Cottingham Tigers)

Leo Williams (East Hull)

Year 11 – Under 16s

Callum Barley (Myton Warriors)

Cohen Cass (Myton Warriors)

Ellis Chapman (East Hull)

Thomas Cheshire (Cottingham Tigers)

Finlay Davies (Myton Warriors)

Tyler Eccles (Myton Warriors)

Spencer George (East Hull)

Leon Hayward (Cottingham Tigers)

Josh Horne (Skirlaugh)

Rio Kassim (Skirlaugh)

Andrew McCracken (East Hull)

Finn Mortimer (Skirlaugh)

Zak Nelson-Hewitt (Skirlaugh)

Jackson Smith (Hensingham)

Jaiden Tallantire (Seaton Rangers)

Finley Wilson (East Hull)

Rhys Yorke (Myton Warriors)

Hull FC Academy Squad

Jordon Baker (West Hull)

Callum Barfield (Skirlaugh)

Kieran Calvert (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Jack Charles (Beverley Braves)

Lennon Clark (Hull Wyke)

Roman Dawson (Skirlaugh)

Owen Haldenby (Hull Wyke)

Jack Horsfield (Hull Wyke)

Will Hutchinson (Skirlaugh)

Ben Johnson (Hull Wyke)

Callum Kemp (Hull Wyke)

Lloyd Kemp (Hull Wyke)

Will Kirby (Hull Wyke)

Ellis Lowthorpe (Hull Wyke)

Elliott Middlemas (West Hull)

Lennon Nicholson (Hull Wyke)

Ellis Opie (Hull Wyke)

Callum Smith (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Alistair Swyer (Skirlaugh)

Mason Tempest (Hull Wyke)

Jon Turner (Hull Wyke)

Joseph Thompson (Hull Wyke)

Cobie Wainhouse (East Leeds)

Joe Ward (East Leeds)

Ryan Westerman (Beverley Braves)

Hull FC Elite Talent Group

Kye Armstrong (West Hull)

Lennon Bursell (East Hull)

Mackenzie Harman (Skirlaugh)

Jeylan Hodgson (Heworth)

Sully Medforth (East Hull)

Logan Moy (Skirlaugh)

Hull FC Sports College Squad

Alfie Baxter (Brentwood Eels)

Damon Hill (Myton Warriors)

Daniel Jarvis

Daniel Stephenson-Freer (East Hull)

David Ugwo (West Hull)

George Power (Hull Wyke)

Harry Hunt (West Hull)

Jack Abel (Sheffield Hawks)

Jamie Collins (Cottingham Tigers)

Jay Longthorn (East Hull)

Joshua Smith (Hull Wyke)

Louey Pinkerton (Skirlaugh)

Lochlan Wilson (Hull Wyke)

Matthew Shepherdson (Hull Wyke)

Mikey Turner (Skirlaugh)

Tyler Sanders (Hull Wyke)

Abbigail Harmston-Turner (Hull FC Girls)

Alisha Roper (Hull FC Girls)

Charlotte Lawson (Hull FC Girls)

Connie Thomas (Hull FC Girls)

Fleur Delsous-Bahri (Hull FC Girls)

Lucy Jarvis (Hull FC Girls)

Poppy Lyon (Hull FC Girls)

Connor Sweeney (Hull FC Wheelchair)