2024 Membership FAQs

2024 Membership FAQs

Here’s some useful information relating to your 2024 Hull FC membership…

When will matches be played?

Hull FC are aiming to play fixtures on Saturdays and Sundays where possible to make match days more accessible for more supporters. However, some fixtures will be played on other days and evenings, particularly those selected for television broadcast.

How do I claim my extra junior membership for just £1?

Members who wish to claim an additional junior membership for just £1 when renewing can only do so when renewing in person, by phone or by completing a renewal form and returning by post. The offer is not available online.

Who is eligible for a £1 junior membership?

Our £1 Junior Membership introductory offer is an exclusive benefit for existing members renewing from the 2023 season. 2024 renewing junior members can claim an additional junior membership for just £1, but only for new junior members who have not previously been registered to Hull FC’s membership database before. This offer is not transferrable to other memberships and cannot be claimed by members who have been registered before.

What happens if I had a £1 junior membership in 2023?

Junior members who made the most of this offer in the 2023 season and wish to renew for 2024 will be charged at the relevant junior price according to where they sit – either £50 or £90.

Can I move seat?

Supporters sitting in reserved areas can move to another unoccupied seat when they renew their memberships, in store, online or over the phone. Reserved seats which aren’t renewed or claimed during the renewal period, which ends on 4th December 2023, will be made available to all from 11th December 2023 as the general sale period begins. There is a £10 admin fee charged by the SMC for seat changes made after this date.

When can I renew until?

Members will have their seats saved until 4th December 2023. Memberships will remain available to everyone until the first game of the season.

Do I keep my current membership card or do I get a new one for 2024?

Only certain supporters will receive a new membership card for the new season. Those who change their seat or pricing category, such as adults moving to seniors, or those who have changed details such as their name, will be sent a new membership card. All other 2023 members should retain their existing card for the 2024 season.

Can I gift a 2024 membership card for Christmas?

Of course! We know that some supporters like to gift a membership as a Christmas present – to make sure you have yours in time for the big day, renew yours before 4th December 2023. If you miss the Christmas deadline, you can email Membership@hullfc.com to arrange a gift certificate!

What do I do if I’m on the Rolling Monthly Subscription Service?

Quite simply – nothing! If any of your details have changed, let us know by emailing membership@hullfc.com, but otherwise, you’re good to go for the 2024 season!

Can I renew if I have missed monthly payments?

Yes, you can still renew. However, members who have not brought their account up to date or agreed a payment plan with the club will not be able to attend fixtures at the MKM Stadium as their membership card will remain suspended.