2021 Membership FAQs

2021 Membership FAQs

Got a question for us about your 2021 membership? Check out our FAQs to find the answer...

Got a question for us about your 2021 membership? Check out our FAQs to find the answer…

Q: Will fans be allowed back at the MKM Stadium in 2021?

Crowds are now allowed back in sports stadia, depending on capacity and local lockdown restrictions. Super League will also start later than normal in March to maximise the chance to attend fixtures. Renewing members will have first priority to attend matches. Access to matches is subject to ongoing government updates.

Q: Will the MKM Stadium be safe to attend?

All suitable measures will be in place to ensure you have a comfortable visit, which will include social distancing guidance. Sanitising stations will be available around the ground. Supporters will be encouraged to wear face masks whilst attending fixtures. More specific guidance will be issued prior to the season starting.

Q: Can I keep my seat?

You will retain your existing seat when you renew. However, this will be subject to review if socially distancing guidelines require a different seating arrangement. If you wish to move seats, you can add your name to a waiting list by emailing membership@hullfc.com and we will contact you when this becomes available.

Q: How do I renew?

If you pay monthly, you don’t have to do anything! Your membership payments will continue and you will be automatically renewed for the 2021 season. If you normally pay in full, you can sign-up with at our St Stephen’s retail store or Savile Street retail store. or send a copy of your renewal form in the post.

Q: Can I renew online or over the phone?

We are currently waiting for confirmation from the Stadium Management Company on when they will accept online and telephone renewals. We will provide an update on this via our website and social media channels when we have it.

Q: How long do I have to renew?

The priority renewal period for existing members will run until 7th February 2021. We will then review the latest Covid-19 guidelines to decide if we can accept any further renewals, new membership applications and match ticket sales.

Q: I wasn’t a member in 2020. How do I sign up?

Due to potential restrictions on stadium capacity due to Covid-19, initial priority will be given to our existing members to renew for the 2021 season. However, this will be reviewed in February and further updates will be available then. Supporters who want to register as a new member can join the 2021 membership waiting list by emailing membership@hullfc.com.

Q: How many games will I get to watch in the 2021 season?

We are scheduled to play thirteen home Super League matches at the MKM Stadium. As this is one match less than normal due to Covid-19, we are offering an optional discount on your membership or alternatively you can donate the value of the discount to the Hull FC Community Foundation to help them recover from the pandemic.

Q: If I’ve moved age brackets do I still get a price freeze?

To reward your loyal support in 2020, we have frozen prices on all memberships - even those who are moving to a different price bracket. For example, a junior member who has turned 17 will still be eligible for junior prices in 2021, for one season only. Adults who are moving to a Senior membership will be able to renew at the cheaper price.

Q: Will I get a new membership card or do I keep mine from 2020?

As it stands, you are required to keep your existing membership card to use in the 2021 season. However, the Stadium Management Company are currently updating their ticketing infrastructure and new cards may be circulated in the future.

Q: I want to give a membership for Christmas

We know some people like to gift their membership as a Christmas present. You can email membership@hullfc.com and we will email you a personalised gift certificate to wrap for your family and friends.

Q: Can I renew if I’ve missed my monthly payments?

Yes, you can still renew. However, priority for available seats will be given to those who have maintained their payments throughout or paid in full. Members who have not brought their account up to date or haven’t agreed a payment plan with the club will not be allowed to attend fixtures at the MKM Stadium.

Have we missed something? Please email membership@hullfc.com with any more questions you have about our 2021 memberships.

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