Price Says Women Have Profited From Nines Tournament

Price Says Women Have Profited From Nines Tournament

The Women are approaching the halfway point in 2023

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Just over two weeks have passed since the Women’s Nines Tournament was staged and Hull are already seeing improvements from their experience.

Abby Price, one of Hull’s co-captains, believes that the games played were a great test for the women as, “every game is a challenge, all teams are good in certain aspects on the pitch.

“It was a good 18 minutes against Workington, we used that game to try some different things in a game situation, things that maybe you wouldn’t try on a normal game day.

The tournament’s nine-a-side set up had benefits and drawbacks for the Hull FC team as Price believed that “there was a difference from having thirteen compared to having nine.

“There was a lot of ground to cover and more gaps in defence. We found that having less numbers on the field also created bigger opportunities to put points on the board.”

Hull faced tough opposition in their group including Super League sides York Valkyrie and Barrow Raiders with these matches proving to be valuable for the developing Hull side as, “it helped show where we need to improve in areas of the pitch.”

“From York and Barrow we learnt a lot personally and as a team. We saw how structured the Super League teams were and the grind they all put in for each other,” she added.

“The tournament shows you how much you can actually achieve by moving the ball about, finding those spaces, running hard and working as a strong team.

“Everything from the nines tournament will have a positive impact on us as a team and as individuals and no negatives could have been taken from the tournament.”

The Women’s side will look to use the knowledge gained from the Nines tournament in their upcoming league matches with their next game being away to Swinton Lionesses on 4th June.

The team then return to the University of Hull for their next two matches as they face Dewsbury Moor Ladies on 11th June followed by Warrington Wolves Lunas on 25th June.