Hull FC Team Up With Connected Fanatics For Unique Interactive Fan Experience

Hull FC Team Up With Connected Fanatics For Unique Interactive Fan Experience

News on an exciting, innovative new partnership for Hull FC

Club News

Hull FC have teamed up with fan engagement platform Connected Fanatics to introduce a brand new and unique, interactive, and digital fan experience for the 2023 Betfred Super League season.

Following the launch of our 2023 principal jersey yesterday, as the Airlie Birds revert back to their iconic and traditional black and white irregular hooped design for next year, the club can reveal that a digital chip is embedded in the club crest of every jersey.

Fans will be able to access the innovative digital fan experience by hovering their mobile device over the club crest on the principal jersey – if you’ve already got your new shirt, be sure to check out this unique feature!

This uses the same technology as contactless payments, which is now a common practice in every day life – Hull FC are the first club to utilise such technology in Rugby League!

The digital experience will be a hub of exclusive content for Hull FC members in 2023 – fans will be able to access exclusive content including interviews and behind-the-scenes videos, a well as being able to access polls, competitions, and giveaways!

More details on the digital fan experience will be revealed in the new year.

How To Access Digital Fan Experience

1. For Android devices, unlock your phone and ensure that the NFC setting is enabled – you will be able to find this in your settings (it may also be referred to as ‘contactless payments’)

For iPhones, unlock your phone and open your preferred web browser.

2. Hover your mobile device over the club crest on your 2023 principal jersey.

3. Your web browser should automatically take you through to our interactive fan experience – this will go live in the new year.