Lucky13 Lottery Winning Numbers: 28/11/20

Lucky13 Lottery Winning Numbers: 28/11/20

Check out this week’s winning numbers from the Lucky13 Lottery!

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Check out this week’s winning numbers from the Lucky13 Lottery!

The Lucky 13 Lottery exists to support the club’s community and player development work in local schools and community clubs.

Drawn every Wednesday, for as little as £1 per week, this is a great way for fans to help the development of stars of the future like Connor Wynne, Ben McNamara and Jack Brown. All the while you will have the chance to win £1000s of cash and non-cash prizes each week.

With dozens of prizes including a regular jackpot and amounts up for grabs ranging from £10 to £250, members can also win a variety of non-cash prizes such as Hull FC tickets, corporate hospitality and merchandise, as well as food, drink , leisure and cinema based entertainment at local partners.

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Check out this week’s winning numbers below:

�  1000.00  RA1382   M PRESTON 
�   100.00  LK2718   MR J MCGUINNES 
�    50.00  BE6647   MRS J HALL 
�    50.00  RA1761   B MAKIN 
�    25.00  HC1509   MRS J PAGE 
�    25.00  BB6511   MRS S PATTISON 
�    10.00  SA3303   MR I ROSTRON
�    10.00  HL0419   J NOBLE
�    10.00  NF1878   MR T PRESS
�    10.00  HB6208   MRS S COLLETT
�    10.00  HJ4873   D TIDSWELL
�    10.00  CB4746   A WIDOWSON
�    10.00  PE0563   I ANCELL
�    10.00  OA0335   MR D BRIDGE
�    10.00  NF6579   MRS C SMITH
�    10.00  LP0573   MRS M HAIRYES
�     0.00  BA0481   NO WINNER

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If you wish to join as a new member, you have a number of options available to you to support the club at this time:

1- Contact us with your name and telephone number by the following and we will be in touch:


Phone: 01482 697634

2- Join via the secure online portal –

As ever, there is no need to have to claim any prize that you win, this will be sent out to you automatically. Once you join up you will receive a welcome pack containing your lucky numbers, as well as more info such as FAQs and details on the initiatives you are supporting within 7-10 working days. If you join via the web link above you will receive a confirmation email shortly after.

If you want to get in touch with a member of the lottery team, then please do so via the contact details above.