Grix Reflects On Salford Defeat

Grix Reflects On Salford Defeat

Simon Grix has reflected on Hull’s narrow defeat to Salford Red Devils on Sunday afternoon.

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Simon Grix has reflected on Hull’s narrow defeat to Salford Red Devils on Sunday afternoon.

The Black & Whites agonizingly went down 22-20 at the Salford Community Stadium, with marc Sneyd’s goal-kicking proving the difference on the scoresheet for the hosts.

Speaking in his post-match press conference, Grix said: “We’re frustrated. We’re obviously proud of the lads, despite the on field result. There were a lot of young blokes out there, which is great for us and our future as a club.

“It’s great that we’re competing, and everyone has earned a little bit of respect from where we were when we were getting hammered every week, but that’s not in danger of us falling into ‘We’re just competing in games again.’ We want to win, and that was one where we had a few opportunities, and had we been a bit smarter, we might have come away with it. It does feel like we’ve left something out there today.

“I thought the lads in terms of their effort and endeavour were there, it’s just smarts that let us down. We kept doing the same plays and not changing stuff based on what they were showing us in defence.

“We played pretty dumb at times, and then at the end, we got a little bit of depth, we got our skill right, and we got through them. We’re crying out for that from the start. There’s many a lesson, we’re happy with a lot of stuff, but it is frustrating.

“Again, some young lads stood up and got some game time; Will Gardiner, Yusuf Aydin was unbelievable as well, he’s gone about his business quietly since arriving. He’s been really good for us and has showed some toughness and ability to keep turning up.

“It’s just an overall feeling of frustration. The competing bit has to be a minimum for us, we need to win games. There’s a long time left in this season. and we’re showing enough to where we can nick a few games.”

Grix gave praise to young full-back Logan Moy, who enjoyed another impressive performance for the Black & Whites.

“He did some good stuff. For those who don’t know Logan, he’s been a hooker all the way through. He started playing full-back last year, so he’s still in what is a very difficult position to master, really early in the piece, but he’s getting more right than he’s getting wrong.

“He’s brave, as you can see when he carries the ball, but also on those tackles as well. There’s a couple of bits in there where (Marc) Sneyd outmanned him a little bit with his kicking game, the old cat and mouse, but we can rave about Logan all day. He’s definitely one to watch develop, and we’re enjoying seeing him come through.”

Praise was also given to debutante back-rower Will Kirby, adding: “Will was good. He’s been really consistent for the academy and the reserves. He’s been doing really well. Physically, he’s not in bad shape for his age. Sometimes that’s the difficult bit, but I thought he did a pretty good job of it.

“It’s just hard, and anyone who’s played at this level will tell you that when you first go in, it is an absolute shock to the system. I think for the first five minutes he was trying to find his bearings. He got better as he went on.

“Unfortunately, because of the injuries we got, how we had to spin things, and the way the game was, I didn’t get a chance to put him back out there, but he’s got a taste now, and I’m sure he’ll get plenty more over the coming years.

“He’s certainly one to add to that young group for us to be positive about. We can look forward to what they can bring in the future.”

Grix also confirmed that Danny Houghton and Ligi Sao are both doubts for the Hull Derby after leaving the field with injury.

“Danny has pulled his calf and Ligi has hurt his ribs. It’s not one you can jab up, it’s really in there. They are doubts for the derby. It’s unfortunate for them.”

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