Digital Memberships

Digital Memberships

Can't make every game in 2021? You can still back the boys with a digital membership

If you can’t make every home game in 2021, you can still support the Black & Whites with our digital memberships!

Digital members can still reap the rewards of signing up in 2021, with priority for big games, a Hull FC Live subscription, discounted entry to women’s and academy fixtures and so much more.

Digital members can also enjoy discounted prices in the club’s retail stores, with £5 off this season’s brand-new replica shirts.

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If you live too far away or are unable to make every game due to work commitments, then a digital membership is perfect for you, because you still get all of the good members benefits!

2021 digital memberships are priced from just £70 – great value to still be a part of supporting the Black & Whites, with a whole host of unmissable benefits.

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