Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Criminal, Social & Community Responsibilities

Criminal Policy

1.1. The names and addresses of all members are kept centrally.

1.2. There is only one beneficiary of surplus funds, distribution of which is directly controlled by Promoter and Manager

1.3. We achieve direct accountability of distributed funds through Limited Company accounts

Fairness & Transparency in operations

2.1. The winners are generated by lottery software, there is no manual override

2.2. The draw is governed by the Lottery Manager, all prizes are authorised by the promoter, this division of tasks creates internal control and accountability

2.3. Our winners are advertised widely in the local press and on the internet

2.4. The Promoter holds Gambling commission “Qualified Person” status

2.5. The accounts submitted to the Gambling Commission for verification

2.6. The lottery is governed by a constitution via an independent committee who are not involved in daily operations.

Member protection

3.1. You are only allowed one account per person

3.2. Maximum spend available is £1 per week

3.3. All members need to register prior to being entered in first draw

3.4. No pay no play – each Member needs to physically pay prior to entry into draw so no chance of building up debt

3.5. The minimum age of membership is sixteen years old.

3.6. Any member who states they are under twenty years old is required to supply us with proof of age

Social Responsibility

4.1. On joining each new member gets a leaflet outlining the structure of the lottery, prizes, aims and outcomes of the society. When these are next printed we are to add an item on responsible gambling and how to get help for problem gamblers.

4.2. Our lottery area on this website contains information on problem gambling and where to seek help if you feel you need it.

4.3. Our door to door canvassers and collectors are briefed on socially responsible gambling and are trained to assess each new and current member they meet with regard to their level of gambling.

4.4. Each medium through which the winners and prizes are posted now contains information on how to gamble responsibly and where to get help if you feel you have a gambling problem.

If you require advice, information or practical help visit or call Gamcare National Helpline 0845 6000 133