Hull FC, in partnership with NYCDA, Weekly Draw.

Hull FC, in partnership with NYCDA, Weekly Draw.

After many years of success with the Lucky 13, Hull FC has further developed its partnership with Official Lottery Partners at the National Youth & Community Development Association.

NYCDA is a not for profit organisation committed to helping its partners and affiliates to raise as much funding as possible through its NYCDA Weekly Draw.

Moving on from Lucky 13, the new partnership, sees fans of Hull FC participate in the NYCDA Weekly Draw, which ensures the club generates bigger income streams towards the club’s Centre of Excellence.

This partnership goes to helping develop and nurture some of the city’s brightest young sporting talent, with the hope of one day seeing some progress into the Hull FC ranks and establish themselves as a leading Super League star

Join now for as little as £1 per week and be in with a chance to win £1000s of cash prizes every week by supporting the club in this way.

Not only does this help us grow with access to extra resources, but with lots of fantastic prizes up for grabs including a regular £1000 jackpot and other amounts such as £100, £50, £25 and 10 x £10, members can also win a variety of non-cash prizes.

For any further enquiries, including how to join, on agreeing the terms & conditions, and details on where proceeds go, then please get in touch using the email or phone details below:

Phone: 01482 697634


In addition, new members can join via the secure online portal here

As ever, there is no need to have to claim any prize that you win, this will be sent out to you automatically.

Once you join up you will receive a welcome pack containing your lucky numbers, as well as more info such as FAQs and details on the initiatives you are supporting within 7-10 working days.

If you join via the web link above you will receive a confirmation email shortly after.

For more details about the NYCDA Weekly Draw, including full results, terms and conditions, legal info and info relating to social responsibility issues please visit

Hull FC is a beneficiary partner of the NYCDA Weekly Draw (Gambling Commission account no. 5166) Reg. Office: 1-2 Frecheville Court, Bury, BL9 OUF. Resp. Person: Mr M Brocklehurst

For more information including terms and conditions please visit and National Youth and Community Development Association - Licence summary - Gambling Commission

  1. An entry in the competition is valid only if the subscription has been paid for the appropriate week’s draw. The entry must be correctly marked as “paid” for the appropriate week’s draw in the Societies records at the Clubs offices at the time of the draw.

  2. It is the responsibility of members to ensure that the correct name and address has been recorded against their membership and reference numbers and that their agent has recorded their entry as “paid” for the appropriate weeks draw.

  3. An entry not correctly marked, or left unmarked, will count as unsold and cannot win a prize.

  4. Each member will be issued with a Prefix letter and ten separate four digit numbers. To win a major prize, the members Prefix letter and number must match exactly the winning number drawn (digits must be in the same order).

  5. All members must be registered by Name and Address, Nom-de-plumes will not be accepted.

  6. All Prefixes and numbers are issued by the Promoter, on behalf of the Society any alteration of Prefixes or numbers shown on membership cards will be considered void.

  7. All prizes will be paid direct to winners unless alternative arrangements have been made. No claims are required - winners will be paid automatically. A result sheet showing winning entries will be published each week and winning numbers can also be found at or in the Hull Daily Mail. No responsibility can be accepted for any error, misprint or omission and the Official winners list will be available for inspection at the Societies offices at Hull FC Stadium KCOM Stadium, Hull

  8. The draw will be made each week at a time and place arranged by the Society. This will be the date of the lottery (as defined in the Gambling Act 2005) and details of the winners will be announced on a basis determined by the Promoter during the week following the draw. All members may, if they wish, attend the draw and may be invited to participate in the draw. Every draw will be adjudicated by an independent member of the public, whose details will be recorded.

  9. If, when the draw is made, an entry determined by a particular Prefix letter and number is found to be unsold, then another Prefix letter will be drawn until the prize is won.

  10. Additional prizes and consolation prizes may be paid from time to time at the discretion of the Society.

  11. Agents are considered to be acting on behalf of members. No responsibility can be accepted for any loss caused by the default, neglect or error of any Agent.

  12. The competition is open to any person of 16 years of age or over.

  13. The decision of the Promoter will be final and binding in respect of any dispute or difference arising out of the activities of the lottery.

  14. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse any person entry to the draw for any reason whatsoever.

  15. There will be a Jackpot Draw which will be drawn monthly, in the event of no member matching, the winning number drawn, the prize will rollover up to a maximum specified. If no one has won the Rollover Jackpot when it reaches its declared maximum, The Jackpot will return to the declared starting figure and FIVE prizes of £500 will be paid out.