Smith: It’s Been Incredible So Far

Smith: It’s Been Incredible So Far

The new head coach reflects on an “important” close season

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Tony Smith is excited for his first day of pre-season training as Head Coach of Hull FC, and he says he has “loved every moment” of developing relationships over the last six weeks.

The 55-year-old has wasted no time in getting to know his new colleagues and players over the last few weeks.

With the start of pre-season training now less than a fortnight away, Smith told about the importance of meeting individual players and members of staff throughout the off-season.

“The close-season has been a massively important period for me, as I have got to know each individual player and member of staff,” he explained.

“It’s been an incredible time so far and I have absolutely loved every moment.

“There have been a lot of meetings and a lot of developing of relationships between each other within our organisation over the last few weeks.

“I am really excited for the gathering of all of our players and staff both on and off the field. That’s the part I love about Rugby League – developing those relationships.

“I’m looking forward to when training actually starts, but I find this particular stage fascinating and enlightening. It’s also very educational, and I have learned so much in the brief time that I have spent at the club so far.”

With an emphasis on getting to know each individual on a more personal level, Smith will soon get to learn more about his players from a performance perspective.

The Black & Whites begin their pre-season campaign on Monday 7th November, a chance for Smith to finally get his teeth back into coaching again.

Just like it is a new coaching opportunity for Smith, he also believes that the new season brings a new opportunity for his players.

“Each and every year is a new opportunity. That’s certainly the way I approach it, and it’s the way the players should, too. From my meetings with them, that’s the sense that I get,” he said.

“We’re hoping to have an incredibly exciting and enjoyable pre-season. If we do that and do that together with the right attitude, it will help us prepare for a new season.

“So it’s all about our approach to what’s ahead and how we attack it on a daily basis, with enthusiasm. That’s certainly the sort of team I look to develop.”