Member of the Week – Andy Lamb

Member of the Week – Andy Lamb

It’s Members Monday, and it’s time to shine the light on this week’s Member of the Week!

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It’s Members Monday, and it’s time to shine the light on this week’s Member of the Week!

This week’s Members of the Week is Andy Lamb, nominated by Christopher Lamb.

“Chris has always come to the rugby with since he was about seven years old, and now he’s 36!

“Unfortunately, he had to stop getting a membership for a couple of years due buying a house and the stresses and strains that go along with that, but made what games he could – he certainly never missed a Hull Derby!

“He eventually renewed his membership last year and was excited for the start of the season – especially  after that memorable opener at Leeds where we got absolutely soaked!

“Although he is self employed and was furlough,like many others, he continued to support the club through his membership.

“He has, in my opinion, over the years proved to be a loyal fan come the good times come the bad times, for both himself and the club.”

Nominate Your Member of the Week

We are on the lookout for members who have gone the extra mile to support someone during these challenging times.

Perhaps they are one of our amazing nurses caring for Coronavirus patients in hospital. Or they could be helping a local charity, a key-worker, a care home assistant…

Maybe you know somebody who has helped another person with their mental health during this challenging year.

If you know a Hull FC member who has stood out from the rest, you can nominate them to be featured in Members Monday on in the new year!

Last year we featured some of our key-worker heroes. You can check them out here

To nominate a Member of the Week, please email with the following details:

  • Tell us their full name and give us a few details about their job role.
  • Let us know what inspiring work they’ve carried out this year, and tell us why you have nominated them in 150 to 300 words.
  • Attach some photos of them either at work, or supporting the Black & Whites.

We’ll pick out some of the best ones to be featured, so keep an eye out on every Monday!