2022 Centre of Excellence Roster

2022 Centre of Excellence Roster

Check out the 2022 rosters for our four Centre of Excellence sides...

All of the regions brightest young rugby league players on the Hull FC Centre of Excellence roster, including the academy and scholarship squads!

The Centre of Excellence is the overarching pathway for the club’s development programmes, combining top-class coaching and facilities with tailored education and mentorship.

The Category 1 ‘Outstanding’ rated Centre of Excellence now boasts four squads – scholarship squad, development squad, reserves squad and academy squad – as well as a Rising Stars programme for players on the cusp of breaking into the first-team.

Here are all of the players based at our Centre of Excellence.

Hull FC Scholarship Squad

Year 10 – Under 15s

Alistair Swyer (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Callum Kemp (Hull Wyke)

Callum Smith (East Hull)

Corey Voakes (Hull Wyke)

Declan Maddison (Hull Wyke)

Ellis Opie (Hull Wyke)

Ethan Render (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Freddie Watts (Hull Wyke)

Harvey O’Brien (West Hull)

Henry Watkinson (West Hull)

Jon Turner (Hull Wyke)

Joseph Thompson (Hull Wyke)

Lennon Nicholson (Hull Wyke)

Lloyd Kemp (Hull Wyke)

Mason Tempest (Hull Wyke)

Max Nutbrown (Beverley Braves)

Mitchell McIntyre (East Hull)

Toby Matson (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Year 11 – Under 16s

Alfie Maclean (West Hull)

Ben Johnson (Hull Wyke)

Billy Thompson (East Hull)

Blake Collier (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Callum Barfield (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Daire Kemp (West Hull)

Ellis Lowthorpe (Hull Wyke)

Jack Charles (Beverley Braves)

Jack Horsfield (Hull Wyke)

Lennon Clark (Hull Wyke)

Owen Briggs (Hull Wyke)

Roman Dawson (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Ryan Westerman (Beverley Braves)

Sonny Wilkinson (West Hull)

Stan Broadbent (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Theo Roberts (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Will Kirby (Hull Wyke)

Hull FC Academy Squad

Alfie Oldridge (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Brandon Wright (East Hull)

Callum Shaw (West Hull)

Calvin Sandhu (Heworth)

Charlie Stipetic (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Darcy Sheriff (New Earswick)

Finley Yeaman (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Jake Smith (Cottingham Tigers)

Jenson Wainwright-Matson (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Junior Mafi (West Hull)

Keiran Masike (West Hull)

Kye Armstrong (West Hull)

Lennon Bursell (East Hull)

Lewis Martin (West Hull)

Logan Moy (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Logan Radford (East Hull)

Mackenzie Harman (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Manoa Wacokecoke (Cottingham Tigers)

Matty Laidlaw (Hull Dockers)

Owen Worthington (Crigglestone All Blacks)

Sam Dulson (Beverley Braves)

Sam Richards (West Hull)

Sully Medforth (East Hull)

Hull FC Reserves U19s

Alex Gibson (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Callum Rutland (Heworth)

Conner Gilbey (Hull All Blacks)

Harrison Petrie (Cottingham Tigers)

Harry Trulson (Hull Dockers)

Jermarie Chatham (Torfaen Tigers)

Leon Stewart (West Hull)

Hull FC Development Squad

Alex Fowler (Hull Dockers)

Alex Houlden

Alex Murray (Hull Dockers)

Alfie Morgan (West Hull)

Alfie Such (Hull Dockers)

Alisha Roper (Hull FC Girls)

Bailey Green

Brad Cook (Beverley Braves)

Bradley Mann

Cameron Pontin (Hull Wyke)

Conner Denston (East Hull)

Connor O’Kelly (Holderness Vikings)

Damian Lee

Deane Birch (Lambwath Lions)

Edward Nolan (Hull Dockers)

Ethan Hart (East Hull)

Gabriel Romianowski (Myton Warriors)

Harry Hunt (West Hull)

Harry Walker (East Hull)

Harvey Hilton (West Hull)

Harvey Newlove (Myton Warriors)

Jack Murr (Scunthorpe RU)

Jamie Collins (Cottingham Tigers)

Jason Hunter (Hull FC LDSL)

Joe Dobson (Beverley Braves)

Joshua Brown

Keelan Gregg (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Kieran Keating (Hull Dockers)

Luke Garmston (East Hull)

Owen Hagues (Hull Wyke)

Sage Winstanley (Hull Dockers)

Tommy Uscroft (East Hull)

Tyler Conroy (Hullensians RU)

Wesley Holmes (Myton Warriors)

William Gardiner (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Hull FC Rising Stars Group

Aidan Burrell (Cottingham Tigers)

Callum Rutland (Heworth)

Charlie Severs (Heworth)

Davy Litten (Cottingham Tigers)

Harvey Barron (Beverley Braves)

Jacob Hookem (Skirlaugh Bulls)

Marcus Walker (Beverley Braves)

Nick Staveley (Stanningley)

Zach Jebson (Cottingham Tigers)