Member of the Week: Sylvia Brindle

It’s Members Monday, and this week’s Hull FC Member of the Week is Sylvia Brindle!

It’s Members Monday, and this week’s Hull FC Member of the Week is Sylvia Brindle!

95-year old Sylvia may be the one club’s oldest supporter, but she has infact only been attending matches on regular basis for the last ten years!

Speaking to, Sylvia said: “I may be one of the club’s oldest supporter but I’ve actually only been a proper fan for about the last eight years! But the rest of my family are lifelong fans.

“I left Hull in 1942 and didn’t come back until I was 60 as I went around the world with my husband who was in the Royal Navy. I lived in all sorts of places like Portsmouth, Malta and Anglesey so I didn’t get chance to come to games.

“I worked in Liverpool for ten years for the Salvation Army and the YMCA, but of course they only have football over there!”

Sylvia was introduced to the Black & Whites at the KCOM Stadium in 2010.

“I used to live near the Boulevard though when I was younger and could always hear when they scored a try!

“But I attended my first game in about 1985 but I was a late bloomer in terms of becoming a proper fan. It was my late friend Joy Thresh, a loyal supporter of the Vice Presidents Association, who introduced me to the club.

“After buying my first membership and going for a little while, I was asked if I would like to become a member of the Vice Presidents too!”

And Sylvia believes the atmosphere at matches is the best part of attending games at the KCOM Stadium!

“My favourite part of coming to games is the atmosphere. This year has been so tough but the support has still been so wonderful.

“We’ve been disgruntled at times but the camaraderie is always there.

“I can see all that well anymore but I love sitting there and listening to the fans. It gives you such a buzz and a lift, even when it is so cold sometimes!

“It is such a great club to support. Everybody is always so friendly every week. In this world, it is so important that people can still come together every other week and be friends!”

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