Sponsor In Focus: Minstergate Hyundai

This week's Sponsor In Focus takes a look at the long partnership between Hull FC and Minstergate Hyundai.

During the sporting break, we take a look some of our main club partners, starting with Minstergate Hyundai and their Marketing Director Sarah Forster.

How long have you been involved with the Black & Whites and what made your first get involved?

The relationship has been in existence for around since about 2012 - it was here before I started and was already a strong partnership.

The owner Mark Campey and group operations director Steve Forster are massive Hull FC fans and we were really keen to create a link with one of the local sporting clubs, so we made the decision to align ourselves with the Black & Whites! We wanted to be part of the sporting scene that Hull has to offer.

Can you explain to us what you do with the club?

We’re the main sponsor of the club’s training range and have been for a number of years. Supporters will recognise our logo - it’s great to see our name on the various training shirts, hoodies and jackets when you’re out and about around the city and to be so closely associated with the club.

How special is it to be so closely associated with your local side?

We really appreciate the connection that we have going on at the moment - not only that but being part of the community too. It’s great to see people walk through our doors wearing the training range items with our name on it!

We even get people coming to us as a business just because they know we sponsor Hull FC!

Can you tell us a little bit more about Minstergate Hyundai?

Minstergate have five dealerships - it’s one of our Hyundai branches that are associated with yourselves. Our other branches are located in York and Scarborough. We sell new Hyundai’s as well as Peugeot’s at our Peugeot dealership.

You can learn more about Minstergate Hyundai here

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