Kelly: Defend Dirty, Attack Clean

Albert Kelly has revealed Hull FC's secret to success on the right edge, living by the motto: "Defend dirty, attack clean"

Albert Kelly has revealed Hull FC’s secret to success on the right edge, living by the motto: “Defend dirty, attack clean” this season.

The Black & Whites enjoyed a 31-18 victory away to play-off rivals Castleford Tigers last night, a result inspired by the Australian halfback’s career-first hat-trick.

Kelly thrived off sterling performances from right edge partners Ratu Naulago and Jake Connor, and the stand-off explained the

“You’ve got to find the right balance between attack and defence in your team, and on our right edge our motto is ‘defend dirty, attack clean’,” Kelly told

“All of the boys know before every game that is what we live by on that right edge.

“Getting Jake [Connor] into the game in the second half was important because he is a very talented player, as is Ratu Naulago.

“He is like an express train! He’s very rapid, very quick and he’s a lot quicker in real life than what you see on the TV cameras. He’s got some power behind him, too.

“We definitely lived by our motto of ‘defend dirty, attack clean’ and that helped us get the two points.”

The Black & Whites have now completed three consecutive victories in all competitions, a run that has seen them defeat two play-off contenders in Super League in the shape of Castleford and Salford Red Devils.

Kelly explained the importance of defeating teams in and around Hull in terms of building confidence.

“It’s a massive confidence thing and that will just echo into our next game against Catalans, which is just as important for us,” he said.

“We’ve got to keep performing and keep raising the bar every single week. Our attitude seems to be improving each week, too.

“Obviously we never go out to lose a game. We go out to win every week, but we’ve really upped the ante lately and you can see that in the way our confidence is building as a result.”

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