Hull FC Sponsors Working Together

Club partners PBS Construction and Nationwide Concrete Flooring have linked up off the field to work alongside each other.

Danny Washbrook and Connor Wynne visited club partners PBS Construction this week, as the civil engineering company have partnered up with Hull FC’s main shirt sponsors Nationwide Concrete Flooring. visited PBS’ Bankside construction yard to speak with PBS Construction Managing Director Glenn Smurthwaite and Nationwide Concrete Flooring Owner Allan Bamforth about their new partnership after both sponsoring the Black & Whites.

Glenn, can you explain how PBS Construction partnered up with Nationwide Concrete Flooring?

GS: We have a waste transfer section at the back of our Bankside construction yard, which is a part of the land that we own. We’ve just rented that land out to a local company, and part of that involves putting a building up, where we segregate the waste and that means we have to install a concrete slab.

I know Allan well as we are both sponsors of Hull FC. We hire concrete pumps off Nationwide Concrete Flooring every now and then with other projects, so I simply asked Allan if he could do us a favour and help us with the construction of the new building.

Hopefully this can be the start of something between PBS and Nationwide.

AB: Just to echo what Glenn said, this is a great opportunity for two sponsors of Hull FC to partner up in the workforce. With PBS being a civil based company they do plenty of concreting, so that gives the two companies a great chance to work together.

It must be pleasing for you to come on board with Hull FC in a commercial capacity and partner up with other club sponsors.

AB: It’s fantastic to be able to do that. Glenn and myself have known each other for quite a while now, so it’s great to work alongside one another as well both sponsoring Hull FC.

There are a few more construction-based companies involved with Hull FC. Does that open up more opportunities for you both?

AB: We would certainly hope so. That’s why the name is there on the front of the jersey!

GS: Martin Dixon Ltd are also on the shirt. They are a construction company too, and we’ve got a job coming up to do along with them in Bridlington. We’re renewing the gas and electric on Bridlington Harbour in about four weeks, so that’s a pretty big job for us both. I’m able to speak to Kirk Dixon and Allan at games regularly because we are all sponsors, so I suppose that makes it a little easier to organise partnerships.

AB: Being sponsors of the club also means that we can speak to some of the more senior players in the squad, giving them the opportunity to potentially come into construction-based work after they retire from playing rugby.

Can you give any examples of players coming to work with you over the last twelve months?

GS: Bureta Faraimo came for the day to give him an idea of what work away from the rugby field is like. For players, rugby careers are obviously significantly short and they will often have to find something else post-retirement.

A lot of players switch to the coaching side at the end of their on-field careers, but the sort of industry that myself and Allan work in is a great career for former rugby players. It’s tough graft, so it’s well suited to rugby players. We can show them the ropes fairly quickly, and once they’ve become well established on site, there’s a potential route into management.

AB: Likewise, we’ll always offer something to the first team players, whether that be the chance to come in and experience the average working day, or the possibility of a post-rugby career with us.

We’re speaking to a couple of more senior players now, who may be looking for some more work after they finish playing rugby. Like Glenn said, it’s demanding work and it’s hard graft, so it’s well suited to rugby players and it’s definitely something that we can work towards.

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