Winning Numbers

Winning Numbers

Please find below the results from recent Lucky 13 Lottery draws.

Week 18 - week ending 09/11/18

£500 winner – F3713 R Lazenby

£50 winners – E4061 A Ellis The Victoria, V7188 G Buckton

£25 winners – Q8181 N Tomlinson City Hotel, G7327 L Wood Bookers, K8417 R Copper, D3027 R Hudson

£10 winners – M6392 D Powell Hull Cartridge, T9181 K Murray HPS Hornsea, B1947 A Lodge, G8002 M Hopcroft Bookers, W2768 B Joss, F3854 D Howlett

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – D0638 P Coulson

Commercial Withernsea – E5097 E Langton

Hull FC Gift Vouchers- G6545 D Sunderland, M4092 N Franks

Total Fitness – H6562 L Gibbon Firepit Beverley

Tradewell Snooker – V0393 M Wilson Conceptus

Holywood Bowl – R8672 S Bromich

Constable Arms Sproatley – E0402 J Everett The Potting Shed

Wells Motors MOT – W9587 A Acklam Acklams Coaches

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – N0209 A Donkin The Empress

Saltshouse Tavern – C5213 J Sykes

Rose & Crown Hornsea – G5118 K Rena Armstrongs

Bodyflex Beverley- H9251 G Blake Firepit Beverley

Week 17 - week ending 02/11/18

£500 winner – F8547 M Daddy The Spotted Dog

£50 winners – F0769 ~M Daddy The Spotted Dog, D1719 A Turton

£25 winners – B9997 K Stamp, H3842 L Gibbons Firepit Beverley, T5287 ~M Varley Long Beach, C4904 D Fairburn

£10 winners – Q3230 D Lawson Marlborough Hotel, D5873 J Greenwood, M0998 P Barnecutt, E5960 M Daddy The Spotted Dog, A2262 K Davidson, E1749 P Crabtree

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – G0349 C Gale

Commercial Withernsea – F8003 M Sampson

Hull FC Gift Vouchers- H5504 C Cornforth, J8867 A Croft

Total Fitness – B6863 I Rumford

Tradewell Snooker – A1070 C Thompson Holywood Bowl –E5574 C Tong Vent Vision

Constable Arms Sproatley – C4311 P Appelquist

Wells Motors MOT – B4351 J Hazell

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – E2293 ~J Harling @firepit, E3530 C Redburn Woodlands Cafe

Saltshouse Tavern – A0199 A Jeffrey

Rose & Crown Hornsea – C3537 K Cusick

Bodyflex Beverley - G9234 J Williamson

Week 16 - week ending 26/10/18

£500 winner – H3374 C Wilson

£50 winners – B6606 CL Fox, E4643 D Rowell

£25 winners – F8808 M Hayes The Hastings, N8243 S Fletcher, D8095 A Pyrah, E4325 S Edge Humber Social

£10 winners – G1278 B Teal, E6706 A Ellis The Victoria, E8842 D Thundercliffe Wawne Ferry, N7886 K Thornton, F8012 N Spriggs, G3611 W Johnson Make a Difference Together

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – M9431 A Slinger The Tiger Inn

Commercial Withernsea – E2557 K Marshall The Crows Nest

Hull FC Gift Vouchers- B6591 P Carrison, Q3225 N Potts

Cineworld – G7894 A Carrick Bookers

Total Fitness – G2541 I Sommerville

Tradewell Snooker – E0090 N Holmes

Holywood Bowl –N9762 A Donkin The Empress

Constable Arms Sproatley – T4784 C Hough Martonian Inn

Wells Motors MOT – K4597 C Haynes

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – E3693 J Prior, M1911 T Collins

Saltshouse Tavern – E4222 R Hardwick C Club Beverley

Rose & Crown Hornsea – B8879 M Ackroyd

Bodyflex Beverley- B7435 A Seath

Agents signed shirt goes to: The Grandale

Jackpot Number: E0376 - A Ellis WINNER

Next Jackpot Draw will be on 30/11/18 for £1,000

Week 15 - week ending 19/10/18

£500 winner – A3967 I Corkwell

£50 winners – B2083 J Brown, N8376 I Torr

£25 winners – F1141 C Blogg, T9098 L Atkinson, D7099 J Lovelock, F4550 D Young Tru Frames

£10 winners – L7219 C Brown CBA Sadofskys, Q8791 N Tomlinson City Hotel, V8125 T Robinson, V2136 R Watkins The Star Inn Driffield, G0036 W Johnson Make a Difference Together, C1719 A Hawkins

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – D5082 B Greaves

Commercial Withernsea – F6387 G Harrison Graham’s Florists

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – A5578 F Wood, G9696 I Sommerville

Cineworld – E2581 L Chapman The Crown

Total Fitness – H7932 L Kirman Minerva Hotel

Tradewell Snooker – A6926 P Tripp

Holywood Bowl – L Chapman The Crown

Constable Arms Sproatley – ~B0084 J Hazell

Wells Motors MOT – W2174 A Acklam Acklam Coaches

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – G4937 B Teal, E5660 S Young Anytime Fitness Beverley

Saltshouse Tavern – K3024 L Rowbottom

Rose & Crown Hornsea – A1625 G Roberts

Agents signed shirt goes to: Moors Newsagents Withernsea

Next Jackpot Draw: 26/10/18 - £6000

Week 14 – week ending 12/10/18

This week’s winners are: £500 winner – K7433 S Cooke CCT Infotech Ltd

£50 winners – E7710 V Benson The Lambwath, E0144 C Kitching

£25 winners – W1165 K Walker, G1872 J Morrow, F3929 G Ridley Carnaby Tyers Bridlington, J7141 J Rose

£10 winners – G8123 M Dennison, G5291 W Johnson Make a Difference Together, E8346 E Langton, K5031 R Cooper, B8314 J Kennedy, C0061 F Sims

–The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – G8632 P Farnell

Commercial Withernsea – G6777 K Rena Armstrongs

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – B2007 D ~Hooley, E8477 V Benson The Lambwath

Cineworld – C5705 M Hairsine

Total Fitness – P0834 D White

Tradewell Snooker – D0628 S Wrigley

Holywood Bowl – J1182 M Wrigley

Constable Arms Sproatley – W8394 B Wilson

Wells Motors MOT – J6259 E Walker

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – F9738 L Bothem Commercial, H8237 E Page

Saltshouse Tavern – A8515 R Hearfield

Rose & Crown Hornsea – K3310 A Mallory


TOP 5 AGENTS SO FAR ARE :- 1- The Grandale

2-A1S, C Club of Beverley

3-Wawne Ferry, Blacksmiths Arms, Bookers Wholesale, Mill Lane Autos

Week 13 – week ending 05/10/18

£500 winner – B1311 MS Marshall

£50 winners – H3473 A Spiring, G6461 D Bailey Potting Shed Beverley

£25 winners – G2971 C Walker The Whistling Goose, K2660 M Simpson, V0269 F Kitching, A0252 L Lancaster

£10 winners – B6387 J E Webster, V6150 R Abethell, C4209 ~J Woods, E5745 E Newlove The Tiger Beeford,E2437 L Cressey The Volunteer Arms Barton,A5608 G Lyon

Withernsea Golf Club – L3166 M Mills

Commercial Withernsea – F3992 S Greaves

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – W4274 ~B Wilson, K7808 L Hall

Total Fitness – J0110 EM Sexton

Holywood Bowl – G8178 D Fuller Ryder Club

Constable Arms Sproatley – L3977 C Rigley

Tradewell Snooker – G9806 M Jackson Kaygee Engineering

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – P9787 R Snell, K7586 C Duffill

Wells Motors MOT – D5789 M Brough

Saltshouse Tavern – K6084 D Clark Dunston Ship Repairs

Cineworld – F8955 S Makin West Building Supplies Bridlington

Rose & Crown Hornsea – N4556 J Gordon



Week 12 – week ending 28/09/18

£500 winner – C7311 K Barmby

£50 winners – K3945 D Clark Dunston Ship Repairs, N9982 I Robertson

£25 winners – B5009 J Pape, E6034 M Bartholomew, G6899 C Walker The Whistling Goose, H7695 J Brewster

£10 winners – M2920 O Jones-Lee Inkerman Tavern, E6997 P Woodgate Arcmaster, N7454 D Dunn, C1914 J Smith, F7304 S Wilkinson The Star Inn Bridlington,B3727 B Rands

–The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – B9214 M Usher

Commercial Withernsea – W1271 L Botham

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – F9831 D Howlett, H3577 B Ryan LPS Locksmiths

Total Fitness – E2402 M Hayes The Hastings

Holywood Bowl – J5710 J Rose

Constable Arms Sproatley – V9733 R Watkins The Star Driffield

Tradewell Snooker – G3978 D Joul

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – F5074 N Arundale, B7318 J K Walkington

The Crown Hotel Bridlington – P7481 A Foster

Wells Motors MOT – P0181 M Michelle

Saltshouse Tavern – F7909 A Langton

Cineworld – K8856 K Teyen

Rose & Crown Hornsea – F6966 S Hines



Week 11 – week ending 21/09/18

This week’s winners are:

£500 winner – C2429 D Bates

£50 winners – F0886 R Andrews The Crown Hotel Bridlington, E8494 D Tyblewski The Lambwath

£25 winners – B0195 M Ferguson, P5815 S Innes, G0405 J Laycock Ryder Club, D7417 B Hass

£10 winners – G2480 T Beacock, G8212 S Coates Just MOTs, G4880 D Sandal Custom Steel, G4944 C Cunningham, B1674 J Willingham, L1722 D Jessop Dave Jessop Ltd

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – C8783 A Crowley

Commercial Withernsea – N1953 B Wilkinson

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – E0574 K Hames Petrotech, L9587 L Weir Bridlington

Total Fitness – H8189 L Kirman Minerva Hotel

Holywood Bowl – D2732 ~M Darnell

Constable Arms Sproatley – C9676 R Slingsby

Tradewell Snooker – E3137 N Waller Mill Lane Autos

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – G3256 D Atkinson Armstrongs, F5122 J Thompson Parkers Pub

The Crown Hotel Bridlington – A4466 L Ward

Wells Motors MOT – P7991 B Louise Marquis of Granby

Saltshouse Tavern – W3873 G Clarricoates

Burn Head – C9240 G Humphrey

Rose & Crown Hornsea – M3193 C Klar



Week 10 – week ending 14/09/18

£500 winner – E5053 G Coates

£50 winners – E7501 L N Peat, B0051 J Holgate

£25 winners – T6075 J Hair, L8779 E Burton, P2924 K Delph, N6518 C Smith Wawne Ferry

£10 winners – J3705 M W Saain, A7517 L Lancaster, B3532 V Newlove, V8006 P Johnson, R1736 Mark sands A1S, A2143 E White

–The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – F5675 B Parkin Bridlington Town

Commercial Withernsea – Q8256 B Eastwood St Georges Hotel

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – G9818 K Hookem, H5680 J Rooks Salthouse Tavern

Total Fitness – W8719 V Thompson

Holywood Bowl – E9224 L Chapman

The Crown Constable Arms Sproatley – K0178 K Campbell

Tradewell Snooker – H0853 L Houghton Bookers

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – E4107 D Tyblewski The Lambwath, A4923 K Taylor

The Crown Hotel Bridlington – A1567 J Carty

Wells Motors MOT – J3492 R Braithwaite

Saltshouse Tavern – R7731 B Rennard

Burn Head – W8333 E Parker

Rose & Crown Hornsea – V5594 M Wilson Conceptus



The latest draw of the Jadan Press Lucky 13 Lottery took place on: Week 8 – week ending 07/09/18

This week’s winners are:

£500 winner – C3553 M Ward

£50 winners – Q1539 P ~Johnson, K1954 I.C Bowers

£25 winners – M0075 J Deacon, E0393 M Hughes

£10 winners - F0117 M Ablett, G8445 P Booth, D4889 A Dexter, F9692 N Arundale The Butterfly Withernsea, C5383 P Arksey, W5509 K Barrett

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – E9963 C Tong Vent Vision

Commercial Withernsea – E6966 V Moore

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – H9610 R Furmage, C6733 J Whitelam

Total Fitness – W3992 L Elvidge

Holywood Bowl – D5552 S Schofield

Constable Arms Sproatley – G2703 K France

Tradewell Snooker – Q1539 P Johnson

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – E2416 J Holmes Toffs Goole, E0338 L Chapman The Crown

The Crown Hotel Bridlington – J5284 C Higgins

Wells Motors MOT – G6962 M Sturdy The Game Bird

Saltshouse Tavern – T3408 C Watson

Burn Head – T6716 J Raettig

Rose & Crown Hornsea – F2600 T Beacock

Friday 31st August 2018 (Week 8)

£500 winner – K1084 D Clark Dunston Ship Repairs

£50 winners – E2205 N Arondale The Butterfly, B2848 D Walker

£25 winners – G0071 C Walker the Whistling Goose, F5886 M Clayton The Sutton Fields, H3531 B Hicks LPS Locksmiths, D3152 M Murry

£10 winners – D3058 D Kemp, E2868 C Brett, E0855 R Hardwick, G2489 J Wiles, R3928 I ~Martin, A0020 K Wilson

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – G2088 C Walker The Whistling Goose

Commercial Withernsea – G3393 T Walker

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – P0199 B Louise Marquis of Granby, A2985 L Lancaster

Total Fitness – F4854 S Wray

Holywood Bowl – E8209 G Collins Humber Social

Constable Arms Sproatley – E0099 D Read & R Mercer The Rose & Crown Hornsea

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – D6431 R Dexter, R9587 C Williamson The Stone Shop Bridlington

Wells Motors MOT – G5033 D Sandal Custom Steel

Saltshouse Tavern – E6701 J Shaw

Burn Head – E2810 M Mosey

Rose & Crown Hornsea – E6617 B Eastwood St Georges Hotel

Friday 24th August 2018 (Week 7)

£500 winner – R0280 S Thompson

£50 winners – C1646 P Wainman Jaden Press, H1646 J Clark

£25 winners –A1510 S Tordoff, B8711 G Skipsey, R7397 G Carlisle Ship Inn, V7097 A Inglis

£10 winners – D9793 A Collinson, H7692 J Harling @firepit, J5885 C Lake, K7800 S Coole CCT Infotech, Q2901 S Barry, B3063 D Fairhurst

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club –V0386 R Watkins The Star Inn Driffield

Commercial Withernsea – A8510 W Owst

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – G6857 C Walker The Whistling Goose, V3611 B Cullington

Total Fitness – V9123 R Watkins The Star Inn Driffield

Holywood Bowl – F1165 M Able The Crows Nest

Constable Arms Sproatley –C6431 M Robinson

Tradewell Snooker – D0554 M Mosey The Albert Hotel

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – W1441 H Butcher, E1805 R Hardwick The C Club Beverley

The Crown Hotel Bridlington –N9381 C Smith

Wells Motors MOT – P3056 S Hoffman

Saltshouse Tavern – A2969 K Pearson

Burn Head – D6372 A Clark

Friday 17th August 2018 (Week 6)

£500 winner – D3368 A Harrison

£50 winners – 7737 D Read & R Mercer The Rose & Crown Hornsea, B9602 H Clark

£25 winners – A6867 T Cook, G3236 M Ablett, A0434 L Hodgson, V7560 R Watkins The Star Inn Driffield

£10 winners – K7914 L Leonard, C4182 S Robinson, H2036 S Gallant Bookers, E3800 W Campbell Humber Social, C Brown CBA Sadofskys, G8201 G Mc Connell Buckingham Club

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – B8702 S Taylor

Commercial Withernsea – C6090 J Gascoigne

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – N2841 D Morton, G9570 P Booth Armstrongs

Total Fitness – M5878 A Slinger The Tiger Inn Beverley

Holywood Bowl – C8126 Mr&Mrs Pearson

Constable Arms Sproatley – L9618 S Cane

Tradewell Snooker – G5239 C Walker The Whistling Goose

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – D7326 P Brown, P9342 S Mackinder

The Crown Hotel Bridlington – H3923 C Cliff Bookers

Wells Motors MOT – G1208 B Nilsson The Bank

Saltshouse Tavern – W2878 L Reynolds

Burn Head – T8537 C Hough Martonians Bridlington

Friday 10th August (Week 5)

£500 winner –R9765 R Lusby

£50 winners – M3243 R Davison, C4072 S Gray

£25 winners – B6454 S Waters The Grandale, A2193 C Barnes, F8733 S Hoe Three Tuns, E4021 M Brodewijk Firepit

£10 winners – K9806 E Jefferson, A6270 M Tordoff, G2028 M Langford, G3182 C Metcalfe, N1707 J Butchart, A2286 P Phillips

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – E4231 L Chapman The Crown

Commercial Withernsea – E5407 L Chapman The Crown

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – H1905 L Eskrett , G4524 M Sturdy The Game Bird

Total Fitness – J8327 D Cowan

Holywood Bowl – J0091 P Turner

Constable Arms Sproatley – K1926 T Johnson

Tradewell Snooker – D8395 C Marshall

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – F6405 S Hoe Three Tuns

The Crown Hotel Bridlington – G4061 P Stubbens Armstrong Social

Wells Motors MOT – P1374 S Mackinder

Saltshouse Tavern – V0051 Gill Ralph Whittington & Cat

Burn Head – N5712 A Walton

Friday 3rd August (Week 4):

£500 winner – B0131 M Joblin

£50 winners – E7459 S Waters The Grandale, B9255 J Brown

£25 winners – B5187 G Grant, A4038 M Brash, D2502 D Nelson, B5993 J Mastermen

£10 winners – F1051 L Church, B5157 J Couper, F6978 R Donaldson The Old Ship Inn, J7467 A Sharp, F9027 J Harrison, A7108 S Goodfellow

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – E8363 K Reid The Royal Mail

Commercial Withernsea – V3706 S Worman Krehalon

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – W7264 R Leach, F3220 M Clayton The Sutton Fields

Total Fitness – B9532 A Lodge

Holywood Bowl –A7397 W Green

Constable Arms Sproatley – G6382 C Haresnape Salthouse Tavern

Tradewell Snooker – T5585 J Hair

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – A3288 K Jewitt, R5402 R Magee

The Crown Hotel Bridlington – D3158 K Anderson

Wells Motors MOT – A5643 K Hockney

Saltshouse Tavern – B4537 P Scarr

Burn Head – B4541 G Skipsey

Friday 27th July 2018 (Week 3)

£500 winner – G8908 J Coggin Amazon Windows

£50 winners – G7789 C Lewis St Georges Hotel, G2901 T Harrison Grahams Florist

£25 winners – G3679 G Smith Thornbirds Café, A1002 F Hill, K1631 B Renton,

£10 winners - , E2344 B Trowell, G2509 W Johnson Make a Difference, H5867 L Kirman Minerva Hotel, G4814 I Roberts, E7350 J Calvert, F9641 G Foston

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – R9323 J Gowen

Commercial Withernsea – B1859 D Plummer

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – C5900 M Holwell, P2126 G Smith

Total Fitness – D7895 M Simms

Holywood Bowl – P6324 D Bailey Potting Shed

Constable Arms Sproatley – A6349 C Marshall

Tradewell Snooker – L3276 D Jessop Dave Jessop Ltd

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – E2586 K Cuthberston, T8899 L Wilson

The Crown Hotel Bridlington – D0671 D Greendale

Wells Motors MOT – A6695 D Tyblewski West Bulls

Saltshouse Tavern – F8947 S Wilkinson The Star Inn Bridlington

Burn Head – B8322 M Usher

Jackpot Number - P4797

No winner. The next draw will take place on 31st August 2018, with a £4000 jackpot!

Friday 20th July 2018 (Week 2):

£500 winner – F5060 N Leek

£50 winners – V4544 E Winn, G5975 S Renner BOSA

£25 winners – B9215 J McNight, G3231 M Holwell, B1686 M Walsh, D6088 T Markham

£10 winners - G8713 M Goult, G0590 C Parker West Bulls, C7420 P Wainman Jadan Press Ltd, W6747 D Bettney, J3822 M Monday, K3853 J Reading The Whalebone Pub

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – P8056 W Johnson Make a Difference

Commercial Withernsea – G6363 K Morton

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – V4897 G Ralph Whittington & Cat, F7339 K Simmonds The Premier Lounge

Total Fitness – V9186 M Calcutt Samba Catering

Holywood Bowl – H0986 B Ryan LPS Locksmiths

Constable Arms Sproatley – A2269 I Cunningham

Tradewell Snooker – N5351 L Hobson

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – V4585 M Wilson Conceptus, K9160 G Harrison

The Crown Hotel Bridlington – D8768 J Holmes Toffs Barbers

Wells Motors MOT – G3169 M Jordan

Saltshouse Tavern – B4692 V Newlove

Burn Head – M9486 A Slinger The Tiger Inn

Friday 13th July 2018 (Week 1)

£500 winner – J2634 J Sharpe

£50 winners – L2603 M Wright, C5900 M Holwell

£25 winners –K1139 J Reading, A2933 J Addison, F4702 M Clayton, J6348 C Hilton

£10 winners - A6222 C Kirman, D3169 R Russell, B0003 D Marshall, F0471 J Hamilton, E7140 L Chapman, L3037 M Westerman

The extra prizes from the draw go to:

Withernsea Golf Club – F0239 M Hayes

Commercial Withernsea – B8976 E Saville

Hull FC Gift Vouchers – V0069 B Cooper, F6251 J Lister

Total Fitness – H1595 C Hunter

Holywood Bowl – E6493 A Tuniewicz

Constable Arms Sproatley – C4574 Mrs Lindley

Tradewell Snooker – W4636 A Raspin

Yorkshire Brew House Vouchers – L2183 EH Ellerington, F9747 C Hough

The Crown Hotel Bridlington – L0591 A Ingram

Wells Motors MOT – B9250 C Price

Saltshouse Tavern – N9122 A Good

Cineworld – P4229 D Smith

Burn Head – A3359 B Stein